DITA 1.2 panel at DITA Europe, 2009

Presentations given at the DITA Europe conference, November 2009, in Munich Germany.

  •  "New in DITA 1.2: Keys, keyref, and conref extensions," Kristen James Eberlein, Eberlein Consulting
  • "New DITA 1.2 Tasks," JoAnn Hackos, Comtech Services, Inc.
  • "DITA 1.2: Constraint Mechanism," Hal Trent, Comtech Services, Inc.
  • "DITA 1.2: Machine Industry Specializations," Christian Kravogel, SeicoDyne GmbH
  • "DITA 1.2: Training and Learning," Robin Sloan, PTC

Abstract for the panel:

"Join members of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee and the OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee for a high-level, user-friendly explanation of what's going to be in the DITA 1.2 release. We focus on trying to answer the question in most people's minds, 'What's going to be in it for me or my company?' Some of topics that we will cover include the new keyref mechanism, extensions to conref, and the Machine Industry task. The audience will be given ample opportunity to ask questions."

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