DITA Metrics: Cost Metrics

This white paper is the first in the DITA Metrics series. The series will discuss cost metrics, reuse metrics, and a reuse strategy. This paper is the first in the DITA Metrics series. It describes one model for calculating the cost of a DITA project. After doing some content analysis on your own documentation set, you can customize this cost model to suit your documentation project needs. In the end, you should be able to speak the financial language of managers and prove to them in dollar signs the value of moving to DITA.

I promised to upload this white paper to this site, so here it is. Please feel free to share it. 

This paper is also available from The Content Wrangler and on the DITA Metrics Wrangler Community Group that I manage (Join it!)

>Mark Lewis

And I'm adding a bunch of phrases to make sure this can be searched/found.

Because I had trouble relocating Ian Larner's wonderful "Touching DITA" articles for ISTC. Check them out too.


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