DITA QuickStart Webinar: Defining Your Conversion Requirements

Converting existing content into DITA can help you reap the benefits of your new DITA documentation system and reach your target return on investment (ROI) more quickly. A quality conversion can also provide your authors with a solid foundation and benchmark from which to create new content, based on familiar, pre-existing material. In this webinar, Yehudit Lindblom and Joe Gelb from Suite Solutions will discuss the conversion process and steps to prepare specifications for your legacy conversion:
  1. Develop mapping rules between the current document elements and new DITA tagging structures, including specifications for migrating conditional tagging (profiling) and variables.
  2. Develop pre- and post-conversion checklists.
  3. Use the conversion process to help understand the evolution between your current documentation and the new DITA XML content model.

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