Incremental Adoption of DITA: A Real-World Example

Presentation by Martin Jakubik at XPubs 2008.

Business Objects, an SAP company, is currently authoring product documentation and customer training materials in DITA 1.0.
This presentation will provide an overview of Business Objects, our authoring and translation team structures, and our business reasons for moving to a structured documentation approach and adopting DITA as a solution.
This presentation will describe our phased implementation of DITA, including details about writer adoption of the methodology and the incremental roll-out of DITA features.
This presentation will explain our migration process, including our methodology, training and tools, pains and lessons learned, and the outcome of the migration in terms of content quality. I will talk about our challenges in defining quality and measuring improvements, and about our goal to implement additional metrics (reduced writing and translation time, improved customer satisfaction) to better illustrate the benefits of DITA in our organization.
This presentation will also touch on our strategy for moving our current DITA implementation to the next phase.

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