Migration to DITA and CMS Implementation - A Work in Progress

Presentation by Chris Hadley and Noz Urbano at Xpubs 2008.

With over ten years of independently developed XML-based authoring processes to manage, and thousands of pages of help content needing to go to multiple output formats for various related products, the Micro Focus User Information team recognised the need to refresh an ageing and complex system to keep up with corporate growth and acquisitions. With sustainability and transferability of the new system as top priorities, Micro Focus defined an aggressive timescale to:

» Finalise a business case for management
» Evaluate migrating content to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) XML DTD from their custom Micro Focus DTD
» Evaluate a move to 3rd-party-supported Component Content Management System (CCMS)
» Shortlist and evaluate suppliers
» Implement the decided changes
» Keep up with the day jobs!

Chris Hadley, Micro Focus User Information Manager, and Noz Urbina, consultant on the project from Mekon Ltd.,will jointly tell the story. Come learn what we learned, what decisions were made and why, and where we struggled along the way.

4X-Pubs2008_Chris_Hadley_Noz_Urbina_Implementating_DITA_CCMS.pdf64.07 KB
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