The Content Wrangler Community - A Social Network for Content Pros

The Content Wrangler Community is the new social network dedicated to people who value content as a business asset, worthy of being effectively managed. This is the place where technical communicators, medical and science writers, marketing pros, online community managers, document engineers, DITA gurus, information architects, localization and translation pros, taxonomists, bloggers, documentation and training managers, and content creators of all types hang out. It's much more than a blog. It's a place to join your peers, to share, to collaborate, to contribute, to find the information you need.

Take a look around the site. Become a member. Create a profile. Start a blog. Join a group. You decide. There are many ways to interact with your peers.

Some of the features of our new community include:

  • Members can invite new members, meet new people, and make new friends on your network
  • Full message center with address book importing from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail
  • See which members of your network are online now
  • Customizable profile pages
  • Photo slideshows, video players, music players, and network badges, that can be embeded anywhere on the Internet, seamlessly funneling new people to your network
  • Members can set different privacy settings for every photo, video, group, or blog post they contribute
  • RSS feeds of your network's features, such as members, discussions, photos, videos, music/podcasts, and blog posts
Photo Sharing
  • Upload photos from a computer, mobile phone, or Flickr account
  • Add photo comments, ratings, tags, locations, favorites, and share photos via email
  • Create, organize, and view photo albums
  • Create, view and “embed” photo slideshows
  • View all photos across the social network
Video Sharing
  • Upload videos from a computer, mobile phone, or any video service on the web
  • Add video comments, ratings, tags, locations, favorites, and share via email
  • Create, view and “embed” Flash video players
  • View all videos across the social network
Discussion Forum
  • Start and tag a discussion
  • Add discussion posts and reply to those posts
  • Organize discussions by categories
  • Click through the personal profile pages of other members engaged in the discussion
  • View all discussions across your social network
  • Enable members of your network to create groups
  • Enable members of your network to make groups public or private
  • Add group descriptions, images, discussions, and members
Music Player - Music & Podcasting
  • Create music and podcast playlists for both the network as well as for each individual member of your network
  • Create, view and “embed” Flash music and podcast players
RSS Feedreader
  • Pull in a RSS feed to your network from an external source of news, information, or content
Text Boxes for Widgets
  • Copy and paste in widgets from around the web or from other parts of your network
  • Add some HTML to a text box for further instructions or text on your network
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