DITA Training Service

Metapercept expertise lays in high performance content conversion and content migration processes that prove fidelity of the content. Metapercept offers comprehensive solutions in content migration, including specializations in DITA-XML and other migration rules. This is done via a unique combination of software tools, domain ability and specialists working upon the configuration and customization of your content.

We, at Metapercept, use various techniques ranging from custom scripts and XSLT to third-party tools and dataset formats.

We provide content migration services from non DITA to DITA from the following formats:

  • SGML to DITA / XML
  • HTML to XML
  • DITA or XML
  • XML / DITA via XSLT
  • Unstructured MS Word, FrameMaker, RTF, PDF, HTML to XML
DITA-XML Training

  • DITA-XML Basic
  • DITA-XML Advance
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