XML Rocks

XML Rocks provide a wide range of consulting and software development services to the XML technology users and technical documentation publishers. We help our clients to design and build digital publishing solutions, create data mapping pipelines, perform systems integration and much more.

We have extensive experience in building complex single-sourcing solutions, creating DITA-OT customizations, migrating XML content. Besides we maintain a few open source projects and run a blog about XML. XML Rocks backed up by Intelliarts Ltd., custom software development company founded in 1999, in Lviv, Ukraine.


XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, DITA, DITA-OT, DAISY, ePub, JATS, Content Migration, CSS Paged Media, Digital Publishing, DITA-OT Customization, Printing on Demand, Single Source Publishing, XML/XSLT Trainings

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