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Services provides a central location for providers to describe available services that support DITA. Users are invited to share experiences or advice using the "add comment" link that appears at the bottom of each listing.

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DITA Users

DITA Users offers self-directed training in DITA from A to B - from Authoring to Building your DITA projects, then publishing them to web (XHTML), print (PDF) and Help (Eclipse).

Use the browser-based DITA Storm editor to author structured content in your own workspace folder.

You don't have to install anything or know XML to begin topic-based structured writing today. A modest investment will help you develop skills you can transfer to the top DITA XML Editors and XML Content Management Systems.

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G. Emerson Consulting, Inc.

I have several years experience implementing DITA and Content Management solutions for companies in the following sectors:

* Large hardware manufacturing, including printing systems, industrial process controls and office systems

* Software, including middleware / back office and consumer products

* Consumer electronics

* Legal services and information brokers

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Gilbane Group

Gilbane Group Inc. publishes publishes the Gilbane Report, the most widely read newsletter covering content management technologies. We also produce educational conferences. Our industry analysts and consultants provide advisory and consulting services to all types of organizations.

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Global Publishing Solutions (GPSL) delivers applications and software to solve complex challenges in content delivery. Our team includes the most experienced leaders, project specialists and developers in the world. We specialise in simplifying the management of complex, structured content.

Whether you need XML / DITA, Content Management (ECM & CMS), EPUB & Mobile Apps, or high-quality print, we simply find the best route to the right solution.

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Group Wellesley, Inc.

Group Wellesley, Inc. provides DITA training, customization, and consulting support. We have delivered DITA seminars in the United States and in Europe.

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HyperWrite Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne, Australia, offers consultancy and training services for DITA and User Assistance projects. Our principal consultant, Dr Tony Self, has a wealth of experience in technical communications, Help systems, and mark-up languages. He is the author of "The DITA Style Guide", and developer of the WinANT Echidna interface to the DITA Open Toolkit. Tony has supported DITA projects for a number of companies around the world, including in Norway, USA, UK, and Malaysia. He is also the chair of the OASIS DITA Help Subcommittee.

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ibruk Consulting Pvtd Ltd

ibruk Consulting offers training, consulting and implementation services for DITA and XML.

We are a full-service technical writing and training development company counting the likes of IBM and Reuters among our clients.

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Infobridge Solutions

Infobridge Solutions provides consulting support to organizations moving from unstructured content formats to DITA. We can help with overall project planning, information architecture, and content mapping, as well as with more technical areas like DITA specialization and stylesheet design. Click on Read More for a complete listing of services.

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IXIASOFT is the provider of the DITA CMS Framework, a documentation solution specifically designed to manage DITA-based technical documentation. In addition to its CMS, IXIASOFT also provides services related to its DITA offering. Services include content architecture and analysis, development, customization, integration, training and support.  

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Mackenzie Solutions Limited

Mackenzie Solutions provides the services of independent consultant Colin Mackenzie.

Colin has over 25 years’ experience in providing solutions and services for single-source XML publishing including DITA and is expert in XML, XSLT, XLS:FO and associated technologies.

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