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Single-Sourcing Blog

Arbortext and the Open Toolkit?

We get a lot of questions about whether you can use Arbortext with the Open Toolkit.  The answer is, "Yes, of course," but any further details are difficult unless you know what the questioner means by that: "Arbortext" is a portfolio of products that includes an editor, multiple publishing engines (for both typical and magazine-quality publishing), a content management system, a styling tool (so non-programmers can create stylesheets), a DTD/configuration tool, a dynamic link manager, and an illustration tool.

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Single-Sourcing Blog

Interviewing DITA vendors

Authorized doesn't mean qualified: Be careful choosing an Arbortext reseller.

Lately we've been getting a lot of calls after customers purchased Arbortext from an unqualified vendor. They were told that the Arbortext DITA application works out of the box (which it does) -- for their unique set of circumstances.

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