Basic content authoring

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Primeiros passos

Os primeiros passos do trabalho com DITA envolvem um conjunto de passos:

  • Entender a arquitetura baseada em tópicos por trás do modelo DITA.
    A elaboração de conteúdo baseado em tópicos é a base da arquitetura DITA. Para compreender a melhor abordagem para a DITA, primeiro compreenda o que é conteúdo baseado em tópicos e escrita estruturada.

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Day Lights

Daylights: Aim high when looking for your next DITA editor

In 2005, I presented a paper at the Annapolis Content Management Strategies conference on a DITA editor evaluation heuristic entitled "Selecting an Authoring Tool for DITA — More than Just Another XML."  The presentation explained a way to assess DITA capabilities in editors that were then emerging in the marketplace.  Its time to revisit that heuristic, as many editors now meet the basic qualifications for DITA awareness.

Basics for XML editors

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Getting started

Getting started with DITA requires a multi-step process:

  • Understand the topic-based architecture underlying the DITA model.

    Topic-based authoring is the basis of DITA. In order to understand the best approach to DITA, first understand how to work with topics and structured writing.

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Writing DITA topics

DITA topics are the basic units of DITA content.

Topics are the basis for high-quality information. Each topic is organized around a single subject or answers a single question.

Each topic is typically authored as a unit. It consists of a title, which captures the subject of the topic, and further content.

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