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List of organizations using DITA

DITA is being deployed worldwide. If your organization uses DITA, please add to this list. (Log in, select the "edit" tab above, and insert your organization in alphabetical order under the appropriate category below.).

See Case studies for detailed descriptions of representative implementations.

Private sector

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Bob Doyle

DITA: One Size Fits All for Technical Publishing?

Back in June 2006 I wrote an XML Editors review article for EContent Magazine that covered a dozen desktop and web-based authoring tools for XML. That article was a bit too hard on both the writer and editorial staff, so we’re not likely to do it again soon. (I may publish a revised study on the web instead).

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File and folder naming

Although the DITA standard itself does not set rules about file and folder naming, the DITA Open Toolkit has strict requirements for file and folder names. Problems with file and folder names may cause publishing to fail.

It is best to set guidelines about file and folder naming conventions before you start creating references such as <topicref>s in maps, as references include file names and folder paths.

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Working with images

Image formats

The DITA Open Toolkit is currently designed to automatically process a specific set of image formats. You can use images in any format with DITA, such as Visio files. However, using formats not supported by the Open Toolkit will generally require some custom development work.

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