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Java coding practices in the DITA-OT

Java Coding practices in the DITA-OT

The core developers on the DITA Open Toolkit generally try to keep several coding practices and design patterns in mind when adding to the toolkit's Java code. If you are interested in digging around in the DITA Open Toolkit, or in contributing Java patches back to the core toolkit, you may want to keep these practices in mind.

Note that this page is currently under development.

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Single-Sourcing Blog

Recording posted: Webinar -- DITA Styling in Arbortext

Last week, Single-Sourcing Solutions held a webinar to talk about best practices for doing DITA stylesheets in Arbortext Styler.

The presentation focused on several key points that contribute to a successful DITA implementation: understanding fall-back processing, using read-only stylesheets, and developing with modular stylesheets.

In case you missed it, you can sign up to view the recording here or, because the event had a live Twitter stream, you can read through the highlights here.

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Alexej Spas DITA blog

Development of DITA-based help content for Eclipse RCP applications

This blog posts discusses how to integrate DITA-based documentation into Eclipse RCP applications and facilitate efficient collaboration between development and documentation teams. Post also describes how proposed strategies are implemented in DITAworks: DITA-based authoring tool.

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Single-Sourcing Blog

Sf Bay Arbortext PTC/User Group - September 2009 Meeting

Please join us online for our next meeting:

"IBM DITA Wiki--One year retrospective"

Presented by Don Day, IBM

Date: Saturday, 26 September 2009, 9:00-10:30 AM Pacific/US

Location:  Online via GoToMeeting. You must Register to receive the GoToMeeting invite.

Cost: Free and open to all who wish to attend.

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The DITA Caper

Monday-Tuesday DITA sessions in Raleigh, NC

This upcoming Monday-Tuesday, we'll have the following DITA presentation topics covered at the RealWorld DITA 2009 Conference:   How DITA Changed the TechComm Landscape - Overview of DITA 1.2 - DITA and Publishing - DITA in an Agile Software Development Environment - DITA and Dynamic Publishing - DITADoclet tool - DITA Java API Solution/Benefits - DITA by the Bucketful (limited seating)- Collaboration Via Reuse - DITA in Action - Beyond DITA - DITA Toolkit - Case Studies - Web Services - Reliable Linking to Documentation Pages - DITA Reuse Strategy - Dynamic Content Del

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