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The DITA Caper

DITA: It's elementary

In doing some training recently, I've found that there are some specific things about structured writing, topic-based authoring, and DITA that can seem foreign to some.  I'm working at writing these ideas and logical concepts in a straightforward, beginning level tutorial.

I'd be interested in hearing from those who are struggling with learning DITA writing techniques.  If you are looking for some basic, descriptive info, please email me.  I will send you a draft and would love to have your feedback.

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Using DITA Content for Learning Content Development presentation

John Hunt, DITA Architect in the Lotus Information Development Center at IBM and DITA Learning and Training Content Specialization SC chair, presented Using DITA Content for Learning Content Development. His presentation will be available with audio below, including his live demonstration of creating, assembling, and delivering topic-based learning and training content, delivered both as a SCORM-compliant package and as simple XHTML.

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