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The DITA Caper

DITA By the Bucketful: Applying DITA to YOUR Content

Please note:  If you are planning to attend the subject two-part session at the RealWorld DITA 2009 Conference, you must email the conference organizer in advance.  The presenters must have your info in advance and will provide you with details on what to bring for these sessions.

 Also, seating is very limited for this two-part session and you may be turned away if you are not: 1) registered for the conference and 2) confirmed for the session in advance.

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The DITA Caper

Impromptu DITA

Yesterday, we had a DITA session covered by Leigh White. She jumped right in when another speaker had an emergency. With no planning, she made it happen, which was great for the attendees interested in learning about DITA.

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