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The DITA Caper

Seeking a DITA map presenter for DITA conference

I produced the first fully DITA conference in the US a few years back. Each year since then, I've had the pleasure to work on one or two DITA conferences per year.  For each, I pushed to ensure the conference provide a well-rounded user education experience.

So, one of my main tasks over the next week or so is to locate a speaker for a conference presentation on DITA maps.  A low-to-high technical presentation, maybe with a corny title -- cartography or navigation or something in the title. :-) 

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The DITA Caper

FrameMaker and dita map

Working with FrameMaker, when you use the menu (DITA > New DITA File) and choose a topic type (topic, task, concept, reference), FrameMaker creates a new file that starts with the "dita" element.

 If you plan to create small FrameMaker files that will be components of longer files (such as several topics that will later be combined into a chapter file), note that you will need to ensure your component files do not start with the "dita" element. 

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