Map relationship authoring

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Improving Relationships in Relationship Tables

A team encounters quite a few challenges when transitioning from unstructured to structured writing. For my team, the struggles associated with learning DITA and following the DITA structure were minor compared with the challenges presented by corralling hundreds of individual topics into a logical hierarchy. The biggest challenge we faced was managing topic relationships.

In DITA, related topics can be managed either in the DITA topics themselves, or via DITAMAPs using relationship tables <reltable>.

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Day Lights

Daylights: Aim high when looking for your next DITA editor

In 2005, I presented a paper at the Annapolis Content Management Strategies conference on a DITA editor evaluation heuristic entitled "Selecting an Authoring Tool for DITA — More than Just Another XML."  The presentation explained a way to assess DITA capabilities in editors that were then emerging in the marketplace.  Its time to revisit that heuristic, as many editors now meet the basic qualifications for DITA awareness.

Basics for XML editors

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Working with maps

DITA maps collect and organize references to DITA topics to indicate the relationships among the topics. They can be used to identify the topics you want to include in a deliverable, and to create tables of contents and related links for the information.

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