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Tips for debugging PDF2 plugin PDF issues

Note: this page is out-of-date, see for current documentation. 


Keeping the generated FO file
One of the most important things to do to debug the PDF generated by the PDF2 plugin (also known as the Idiom PDF plugin) is to look at the FO file the plugin generates.   The plugin, by default, deletes all intermediate files, though, so you need to modify the plugin to save those files.

To stop the plugin from deleting the FO file:


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Taxonomy specialization plug-in

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A plug-in for the DITA toolkit that enables a taxonomy specialization is available for download at Although the plug-in is somewhat experimental, it is being used, and merits mention here.

The URL to access the plug-in is:

Here are some simple notes on how to retrieve and install the plug-in.

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Simple Interface For Plugin Installation and Upgrade

Simple Interface For Plugin Installation and Upgrade Problem: Manual Installation Process
Installing a plugin takes two or three steps, depending upon the platform and installed software.
  1. Unzip the plugin package
  2. Copy the generated directory into the “demo” or “plugins” folder
  3.  Run the integrator task
Steps 1 and 2 may be combined on many platforms, if the user knows how to “target” the unzip of a directory appropriately.

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