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Bob Doyle

Assembly Line Writers

For the past three years, my annual wrap-up of content management systems for EContent Magazine has mostly counted the exploding number of branded products, for sale and open source, on the world market—now nearing 3,000.

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OASIS DITA Translation Subcommittee

DITA Translation Subcommittee.

JoAnn Hackos,, Chair
Gershon Joseph*,, Secretary


1) Develop an effective liaison with the OASIS XLIFF technical committee and the W3C ITS working group so that the DITA TC can work together with those interested providing for the needs of the information-development community from authoring through localization to the production of final deliverables in multiple languages.

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Tips for debugging PDF2 plugin PDF issues

Note: this page is out-of-date, see for current documentation. 


Keeping the generated FO file
One of the most important things to do to debug the PDF generated by the PDF2 plugin (also known as the Idiom PDF plugin) is to look at the FO file the plugin generates.   The plugin, by default, deletes all intermediate files, though, so you need to modify the plugin to save those files.

To stop the plugin from deleting the FO file:


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For some, perhaps the real question is Why XML? (or What is XML?), but assuming you have answered those questions (and are using XML), then the next step is to locate an appropriate data model for your content. This is an important step because you will spend a lot of time and money developing processes and selecting tools to support your chosen data model.

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DITA 101

The DITA OASIS Standard defines an XML architecture for designing, writing, managing, and publishing technical documentation in print and on the Web. DITA (commonly pronunced dit'-uh) builds content reuse into the authoring process for document creation and management.

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