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Free Webinar: TC Dojo Open Session Mon 11 Nov 9 AM PST - "What's in it for me?"

Proficiency in the soft-skills is the key to the success or failure of any project. For example: Are you trying to get your DITA, Single-Sourcing, or other project off the ground? Trying to get your team, people from other groups, teams, departments, or organizations behind you? Trying to get management to support you? Then this session is for you!
  • Session Title: What's in it for me?
  • TC Dojo: Open Session
  • Audience: All levels
  • Cost: Free

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Single-Sourcing Blog

Recording posted: Webinar -- ROI of XML

In this recorded, one-hour web session we invite you to join the conversation.

If you have information about your company’s product or services that needs to be delivered to customers, whether it’s in print or electronic form, chances are you have heard of XML.

Are you finding yourself in the position of having to explain to others:

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Single-Sourcing Blog

Faster ROI through Socialization

While writing my review of the PTC/User conference last month, I couldn't help thinking about the CMS/DITA NA 2010 conference that had happened two months earlier.

At the 2010 CMS/DITA NA conference, there was a major shift in awareness. For the first time, there was little talk of tools, and a lot of talk the importance of business issues, especially the importance of organizational socialization:

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DITA Metrics: Developing Cost Metrics

You’ve read all the papers (and attended all the webinars) on return on investment (ROI) for XML and you get it. You’ve already concluded that moving to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) will likely save you tons of time and money. But management says, “Prove it!”.

This paper helps you determine the cost portion of the ROI calculation. What are my costs now? What will my new costs be with DITA? And what is the difference—my savings?

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