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Oracle Stellant

We want to start using content management and dita for our documentation. We also already have licenses for Oracle Stellant and I am wondering if anyone has any experience or information with how well Stellant and DITA play together.

BETA of the Adobe FrameMaker Application Pack for DITA is now available.

Download the beta at http://www.adobe.com/go/dita

Special thanks to all of the development partners and members of the Adobe Solutions Network contributing to the development of the FrameMaker 7.2  Application Packs for DITA. Backspace Ink, Bright Path Solutions, Document Jones, Group Wellesley, Integrated Technologies, Leximation, Promptt, Publishing Smarter, Scriptorium Publishing, Text Structure Consulting, and Silicon Publishing created the Application Pack for DITA—all overseen and coordinated by Silicon Publishing. Independent consultants Tassos Anastasiou, Tobias Reif, and Andrea Sharp also contributed their technical publishing knowledge and skills to developing the new FrameMaker Application Packs.

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