Reuse strategies

Abstract Reuse

I am relatively new to DITA but a very old hand at xml/sgml.

Technically, I am creating a dita bookmap which includes a bookabstract. I would like to create the topic for the bookabstract by (in part) reusing all of the associated chapter topic abstracts. However, I can not see a way of using a conref for multiple abstracts out of context.

Practically, I just want to be able to pull all of my abstracts into an introduction for the book.

Am I using the wrong strategy for reuse? Any suggestions would be welcome.



I am using DITA recently and we are making experiences .

I am using NOTEPAD++ to create or edit xml files and ant to generate the ditasmap.

I need, urgently, to create files with AUDIENCE tag.

How can I ?

My DITA doesn't have samples with it.

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