Suite Solutions Announces Release of SuiteHelp 3.1

New Version Features Advanced Search Capabilities

April 4, 2013 – Suite Solutions, a leader in content lifecycle implementation, announced today the release of SuiteHelp 3.1, the latest version of the online help platform built upon the most recent web standards and technologies, including HTML5 and CSS3. SuiteHelp 3.1 comes with advanced search functionality. Its stylish out-of-the-box output template is mobile optimized and makes custom branding quick and easy.

“We are very proud to launch SuiteHelp 3.1,” said Joe Gelb, president of Suite Solutions. “Our team has managed to enhance an already outstanding product, simultaneously increasing its versatility and scalability.”

SuiteHelp 3.1 boasts significant enhancements. New features include:

  • Advanced search such as word morphology (fuzzy search), phrase search, prefix search, Boolean and NEAR search
  • Full support for server or serverless deployment, avoiding many commonly encountered security constraints
  • Integration with your existing CMS or toolset either as a DITA Open Toolkit plug-in or independently
  • Enhanced customization ability using HTML5 and CSS3 template languages that provide easier syntax as well as variable interpolation, allowing you to control more aspects of SuiteHelp without requiring knowledge of XSL or the DITA Open Toolkit

SuiteHelp supports online help functions such as collapsible table of contents, index, search, glossary, breadcrumbs, browse and context sensitivity. The platform can be fully localized into multiple languages, including European, Far Eastern and right-to-left languages. SuiteHelp remains backwards compatible with older systems through graceful degradation, and eliminates use of frames and other outdated HTML features, enabling quick, secure and reliable access to content.

SuiteHelp supports the major web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari on Windows, Linux and Mac. It can be deployed on a server or client, as a set of uncompiled HTML and script files, or as a single file package.

The trial version can be downloaded from:

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