XSLT Files for User Manuals

We are beginning use of DITA XML for online help and for (initially) three PDF guides. It does change your thinking about how to present content on a given topic. Putting all the pieces together in a coherent flow is more difficult. We are pleased with it as a method of creating online help. For producing PDF it is more complex, both in assembling the topics and creating the desired appearance.

That brings me to a question. We have created a sample PDF with the standard DITA xslt from the open toolkit. Are there other xslt's available in the public domain (or that anyone is willing to share) that produce professional looking guides? There are many files to modify and we would like to reduce the amount of work and troubleshooting required to produce good results.

Our style is basic (cover, copyright, headers, footers, chapter head, headings 1 - 4, bullets, numbered list, note, body text flush with left margin (or slightly indented), body font different from headings.

Any comments welcome.


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