DITA Presentations at CMS/DITA 2008 next week

Last month I promised JoAnn Hackos I would list the DITA presentations in Santa Clara in the April DITA Newsletter.

I forgot, so here they are in my blog...

Best Practices for DITA in a Global Economy
Eric Severson
Flatirons Solutions

Successful Implementations of DITA and a CMS
Chip Gettinger & Fred Lass
Astoria Software

Using SharePoint as the Complete DITA Content Collaboration Platform
Steffen Frederiksen
Content Technologies ApS

Developing a Comprehensive Information Model
Frank Miller & Anne Bovard
Comtech Services, Inc.

Complex Maps for Componentized Products
Judy Kessler
Sybase, Inc.

Single Sourcing and eLearning Content: From XML to DITA
William Gill
Innovatia, Inc.

DocBook vs. DITA: Will the real standard please stand up?
Teresa Mulvihill
t2a Communications

Tips and Tricks to Getting the Most out of DITA
Dan Dionne
IBM Corporation

Managing Links with Relationship Tables
Amber Swope

Authoring and Publishing DITA Content with Eclipse and the DITA Open Toolkit
Maria Brownstein
Sybase Inc.
Guanjun Cai & David Muir
IBM Corporation

Selecting a Content Management System for DITA
Scott Wolff
WOLFF and Associates

Defining an Optimal Content Repurposing Systems Architecture
Jim Cain
Jacquette Consulting

Improving Code Quality with DITA Code Reviews
Carolyn Inkster & Shannon Rouiller
IBM Corporation

Implementing DITA in the Real World
Raymond Lei
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Using IBM Task Modeler to Create DITA-Based Information Sets
Kristen James Eberlein
Systems Documentation, Inc.


There will also be a DITA Workshop:

Hands-On Specialization
Erik Hennum
IBM Corporation


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