DITA Quotient a quick diagnostic tool

With over 100 people requesting their D.Q, some DITA consultants are writing to say that the DITA Quotient helps them to evaluate prospective clients. 

See What's Your D.Q.? at http://www.ditanews.com/dita_quotients/

While the overall D.Q. number is useful, they say it's even more important to look at detailed responses to the ten questions. Specific low numbers may indicate that a client is not likely to find the consultant's services and tools particularly valuable, something the consultant should learn early on.

Others write that the question on content modeling can be misleading. Just because an organization has highly structured content, and even uses a component content management system, it does not necessarily mean that DITA will be a good fit. Their existing content model might not be easily adaptable to DITA's limited information types.

Even DITA specialization may not be the answer, since specializations are generally more restrictive than the fundamental types.

Some XML experts agreed that clever XSLT transforms may convert well-structured content into DITA structures. But every case needs to be examined individually, they say.

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