Glossary of DITA Terms?

DITA has introduced a rich vocabulary with hundreds of terms, some entirely new, others reusing familiar technical terms in a new way. 

In addition, there are dozens of special technical terms that surround DITA. DITA users and DITA consultants need a reference to make sure they use these terms properly.

The authoritative reference is use of a term in the DITA Language Specification or the DITA Architectural Specification. These are excellent sources for those learning DITA terminology.

But many DITA-related terms are not defined there. They are simply assumed.

And some is insider jargon, like reltable for Relationship Table.

And there is no convenient alphabetical listing.

You can search for terms on the DITA Infocenter, but then you have to already know the term. (

DITA Wiki does offer an alpha listing of the entire wiki, which can be helpful. ( And DITA Wiki has a preliminary list of DITA-related terms (

Should we have a community-built Glossary on

The Drupal CMS that powers the site has a Glossary module. It would take some effort for OASIS IT to install that module.

If they did, would members suggest terms that need glossary entries? More importantly, would other content contributors add short useful definitions of those terms?


I really think a glossary would be beneficial to this site and to the newbie DITA folks like me.  I would be willing to suggest terms for it, provided, of course, that more experienced members were willing to provide some definitions for them. Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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