Join us at NLDITA 2011 – 1st of june in Utrecht

Join us at NLDITA 2011 – 1st of june in Utrecht– You will meet and get to know technical authors of product and softwaredocumentation, knowledge workers, people from publishing, eLearning and eBookdeveloping companys, localization vendors, XML developers and many othersprofessionally occupied with documentation and publication processes.

NLDITA 2011 will become a uinique gathering of DITA and content experts from whole over the world. Just to name a few: Don Day, Jonatan Lundin, Doug Gorman, Andy Lewis and Jang Graat on simplifying DITA and usability of DITA content. 

Localisation experts Kit brown, Molleye Barett and Leigh White. The Dutch Ben Welman and Kees de Grauw, users of the DITA for Publishers plug in for educative content.

DITA Coach Yves Barbion, SDL's Tom Smith, Componize's Frank Shipley and Laurie Brooks, Mark Poston, Boris Horner and more.

NLDITA is june 1 but there will be an informal meeting with speakers and experts the day before, on the afternoon and evening of May 31.

Be there! 

Discover together with more then 25international speakers from 7 countrys, how DITA can change your documentationdepartment from cost centre to profit centre! Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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