TriSoft and Translation Mangement


Wondering if anyone out there has used the latest TriSoft SaaS model? Am interested in the translation management. Does the solution work? Does translation management mean further service purchase from SDL?


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I'm currently using the latest version and is great.Highly recommended!



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Trisoft can plug into any translation process and customers of Trisoft can use any translation vendor they want. Trisoft does have integration with SDL's Translation Management System and Idiom's WorldServer (now part of SDL). But there is not a requirement to use either and Trisoft supports other translation workflow processes.  Trisoft users are free to select their own translation agencies of choice.

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SDL is really empire building! So if I purchase Trisoft CMS and want to make the most of economies of scale and leverage (up to 28 languages) and use online translation memories and terminology management what else would I need from SDL to get a complete global solution? Sorry if this such a basic question; but there are so many products and/or servcies from SDL it is actually confusing and I am not new to the world of content creatin and localization!

We use Trisoft and use it independently of other SDL software.  There is no requirement on us to use other SDL software.


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