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New Discussion List: OASIS DITA S1000D Interoperability

I've kicked off a new discussion list at OASIS to address interoperability between S1000D and DITA!

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Jim Owens

But why gain experience with DITA?

Some visitors to may be wondering what all the fuss is about.  Presumably, they are looking for answers to their technical publication problems.  Is DITA right for them?

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The DITA Caper


One of the cool things about DITA is how applicable it is to multiple types of docs.  Lots of documents can be authored in a topic-oriented way, whether user guides or training guides or online help or ... whatever.

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Jim Owens

Tools for gaining experience with DITA

To write in DITA for learning purposes, and then convert back to unstructured Frame for PDF and CHM generation, requires two tools and a modest investment of time.

One of the tools we're using is the FM_DITA Application Pack beta recently released by Adobe. With this, you can develop DITA topics, map them into documents, and then generate a book from the map.

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Jim Owens

Learning DITA while maintaining unstructured documents

We need time and resources to identify new technologies and methods, evaluate them, and adopt the ones that show promise. At the same time, we need to continue developing and delivering information to customers using our traditional tools. Is there a way forward that offers minimal disruption to our current processes?

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