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Jim Owens

Getting from here to there

This is the story of a typical software documentation shop. We use unstructured Frame and WebWorks.  We deliver PDF and CHM. We deliver in several languages. We deliver customized documents for different markets. We barely have enough time and people as it is -- and there are new products, languages, and markets on the way.

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Custom DITA Search

I've created a custom search engine for all things DITA using the Google Co-op search. The search engine homepage is:

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My other blog

I havent' been doing anything here because I have a blog at where I cogitate about tech-writer stuff. Feel free to join me there.

Michael Priestley

MP: DITA Europe 2006 impressions

The conference just finished, and I'm writing down some impressions while they're still fresh.

Day 1 kicked off with my keynote on "DITA evolves" - starting with an introduction to DITA, then talking about the ways in which DITA can adapt to different environments or authoring requirements, can scale from simple pilot projects to complex cross-enterprise applications, and the resulting network effects that can emerge from the combination of pervasive usage and robust reuse.

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Day Lights

Daylights: Ya need an adapter!

One of the joys I get from working with the DITA Open Toolkit is seeing the extent to which it helps run the production business of so many writing teams.  The DITA OT team has done a lot of work to set up some major interfaces in it to make it run in more places, with more options and fewer restrictions, and to make it both embeddable and pluggable, greatly increasing its versatility for both individual users and for commercial authoring tools.

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