blogs and fonts...

Gee, I'm observing in my first several blog posts here, that I'm spending more time worrying about fonts and presentation than my content.

Where's that DITA backend we need for wikis and blogs?

(as I wonder how this one will look after submitted...)


I recently attended the 7th annual PUBSNET conference in Boston October 3-5, 2006.  I missed your session on The IBM Task Modeler for DITA, but I heard from one of the other attendees that it was very good.  She also said you would have the Powerpoint presentation available on the web.  Would you please post a note when it is available and where it can be located?

Thank you

Tamara Tennenbaum

Fonts and colors make our blog more better. In this site, the provided font is so clear and professional. The colors used are also very nice. Good job.. Keep it up :o)

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