Are you facing these challenges: parallel versions, variants, and release cycles? Free webinar June12 on release management

12 Jun 2014 - 17:00 - 18:00
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As you know, release management involves multiple use cases and processes and can become quite complex - especially with modular documentation and reuse.
This is why Componize decided to organize a Webinar on June 12 
11AM EDT - New York; 8AM PDT - Los Angeles; 5PM CDT - Paris This educational webinar exposes how release management can help with these challenges:
  • Multiple versions in parallel - Work in parallel on multiple versions (releases) in order to work on future releases and still maintain existing ones.
  • Multiple variants - Work in parallel on multiple product variants so that the work in progress on one product does not interfere with the work in progress on another product variant.
  • Multiple release cycle - Perform releases for some products while work is in progress on other products.

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