Publishing Training Content using DITA

2 Jul 2013 - 12:00 - 13:30
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Fee: $75.00

Resistance to DITA from the training community frequently is based on an inability to publish DITA content into traditional training materials, including presentation slides and elearning content. Hal will discuss how to structure DITA files for training content and demonstrate transforms and stylesheets that create high quality training output. Demonstrations include incorporating audio and video into DITA files for output, publishing presentation slides, and creating SCORM packages for import into an LMS.

Hal Trent is an experienced Senior Consultant, Style Sheet Developer, and Information Systems Manager at Comtech Services, Inc. He has experience in XML CMS implementations for a variety of businesses and academic institutions and is currently focusing on SVG and DITA. He also leads frequent workshops related to DITA and XML. Hal has a BS in Biology from Roanoke College and an MS in Information Systems from DePaul University.


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