DITA Open Toolkit patch release 1.3.1 discussions

This topic is for news and comments related to the first planned patch release for DITA OT 1.3, which will be called 1.3.1.  Bugs that cannot be reproduced or are demoted in priority may not be in the final list.

Canididate bugs for this minor release:

1598230     jhindexer of JavaHelp breaks Search Index for DITAOT content
1598109     Java topicmerge does not rewrite image/@href
1597473     Nothing references common.css
1588624     OT v1.3 map2hhc.xsl error
1584186     Bookmap 1.1: <title> element duplicated in mappull
1575722     Some elements are not handled correctly in troff transform
1574011     Spaces in a file name prevent XHTML output
1569671     <reltable> in nested map creates bogus TOC entries
1567117     Xref to footnote is not resolved correctly
1563665     Should use CSS to honor rowsep and colsep in table entries
1563093     Difficult to find location of error
1562518     Flag is confusing when a list is mixed with text
1528638     wordrtf does not correctly number steps
1528506     Docbook cannot handle <author>
1385654     docbook/topic2db.xsl - linking
1385642     docbook/topic2db.xsl - shortdesc
1597444     Java topicmerge breaks when text contains less-than
1588039     Conref domain checking is sub-par
1573996     Plugins do not work in plugins directory

Cut-off for adding bugs to the release: Nov 28
GA for 1.3.1: end of year 2006

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