DITA Open Toolkit 1.4 requirements gathering

As this thread is being initiated (November 7, 2007), the current version of DITA OT is 1.3. On behalf of the DITA OT development team, we plan a couple of intermediate patch releases to address high-priority bugs for 1.3, which will take us into Spring of 2007.  This forum thread is for the DITA user community to comment on core requirements for DITA OT 1.4, which could be a 2nd quarter 2007 deliverable (the date will depend on sizings and resources after the requirements cutoff).

Here are some proposed dates for the sake of starting off the planning--don't set any plans around these just yet:

2006 Nov - Dec: start discussing, assessing 1.4 major requirements
2007 Jan: close of 1.4 requirements discussion; begin design
2007 Feb: first patch release--dita-ot 1.3.1
2007 Mar: second patch release--dita-ot 1.3.2
2007 Jun: DITA OT 1.4 release

--Don Day, DITA OT project manager
This discussion is about major enhancements for the Toolkit. Let's use the dita-ot bug tracker to manage minor issues that you can classify as fixes to existing functionality.

Out of scope: anything that vendors can provide as value add to the basic processing itself, such as GUI front ends, ditaval editors, logfile interfacing to editors, previewers, etc..

Unordered for now until we can prioritize:

Functional enhancements:
  • Full OASIS DITA 1.1 implementation
  • incremental build (left over from 1.3-Anderson)
  • topicmerge fix (Pickett)
  • (under discussion elsewhere) Build connection to non-file storage (CMS, etc.)
  • plugin enhancements (generated text, directory structure, adaptability to other tools such as editors, etc.)
  • inherent support for displayable SVG (and other foreign vocabularies)
  • Support vector graphics (http://dita.xml.org/node/1456#comment-97)
  • Fully support DITA 1.1 bookmap enhancements
New transforms:
New plugins: (not necessarily core effort)
  •  common base for all PDF output methods (consolidate AH and XEP on single transform, if possible)
  • More info about plugins
Procedural changes:
  • More contribution to shared test bucket (needed to manage regressions better)
  • Test/build suggestions from Matthew Tippett (Don to ask about posting here)

This is a live document. I'll update it as we add ideas to the list. The goal is to transfer the vetted, prioritized list to a Wiki page for community access.

Don Day
Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
Project Lead, DITA Open Toolkit
IBM Lead DITA Architect
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