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Webinar recording: Got DITA. Now What? Dynamic Publishing

Sponsored by: Suite Solutions Ltd.
Presenter: Joe Gelb, President, Suite Solutions Ltd. 
In this webinar, Joe Gelb will discuss how you can leverage your investment in XML to focus on the customer experience and meet their evolving expectations: 
• Quick access to contextually relevant, goal oriented enterprise content of different types including video 
• Audience participation to comment and add new content 
• Custom documents with on-demand publishing to ePub and PDF 

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An integrated Web-based DITA solution: Componize and oXygen present “Componize Author”

Facilitate collaboration and DITA adoption with Componize DITA CMS and oXygen Author component.

Is oXygen your favorite tool for authoring your content today?

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DITA for Practitioners Volume 1: Architecture and Technology

Eliot Kimber has just published DITA for Practitioners Volume 1: Architecture and Technology, which is the first of two books he is publishing about the DITA standard. Volume 1 begins with a hand-on explanation of end-to-end DITA processing that will get you up and running fast, followed by an overview of the DITA architecture.

Inside the Book: 

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DITA for Beginners (Article from tcworld, March 2011)

This article by Tony Self, titled "Can you explain that again? DITA for beginners", was published in tcworld, March 2011, and is re-published with permission.

Abstract: DITA is a difficult thing to explain to the uninitiated. It is difficult because we expect it to be a product or a technology, when it is actually a standard and a methodology. DITA provides an approach to technical writing that embraces best practice ideals such as modularity, single-sourcing, and content re-use. The reasons for moving to DITA are business-focused.

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Automating DITA XML multilingual documentation projects management

Guideline and script for the DITA Open Toolkit open-source publishing system to manage multilingual DITA XML projects.

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