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DITA Help Discussion and Demo: Central Texas DUG (May 26, 2010)

In this presentattion and demo, Stan Doherty of the OASIS DITA TC Help Subcommittee updated the Boston, Raleigh, and Central Texas DUGs about current R&D in the area of DITA-based Help authoring and deployment.

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DITA Plus plug-in user documentation

The attached HTML file contains user documentation for Deborah Pickett's Plus plug-in. It describes:

  • How to install the plug-in
  • Invoking the plug-in
  • Arguments that change the behavior of the plug-in

I hope this fills a need for the community. Comments are welcome.

Julio J. Vazquez

SDI Global Solutions

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DITA Reuse Explained with LEGOs - The Movie

At the DITA Europe Conference 2009 I talked to different people about how to explain
the benefits of DITA to someone in the documentation business, who does not know the basics of DITA. We talked about LEGOs to symbolize topics, and that made me start thinking...

The result is now on

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DITA Metrics: Case Study of Quark XML Author Documentation

This paper provides real metrics to prove the business benefit that Quark achieved using DITA, a solid content reuse strategy, and Quark® XML Author. Some companies offer impressive metrics without showing how they achieved the numbers. Not so in this paper. Follow our journey of designing reusable content to create custom user guides with a minimum of cost.

>Mark Lewis

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