Expecting <Topichead> to display doc title

I added a <Topichead> to my DITAmap to generate a title for my document. My hope was that it would save me from having to set up a separate topic that contained just a title for my document. However, I find that the title that I defined using <Topichead> does not display when I use FrameMaker to generate my document from my DITAmap. My topics display just fine, but not the document title.


I believe you must add the title you want for your document to the <map> element "title" attribute.

I have the title attribute defined in the map element and that displays the title at the top of my Ditamap file, but it doesn't display a title when I generate the document from the DItamap.

 I also have the navtitile attribute defined in the Topichead element. But that doesn't generate a document title either.


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