Free Copies of Adobe(r) Technical Communication Suite(r) at X-Pubs 2008


Adobe(r) Systems have announced that they will be giving away full copies of Adobe Technical Communication Suite (worth £1320 each) at X-Pubs 2008!  Chances to win one of them are 1 in 15.

TCS features the full DITA application for FrameMaker, allowing you to create and publish DITA documents to multiple formats, as well as pass them on to Adobe Acrobat(r) to enrich your PDFs with 3D and rich media like Adobe Captivate(r) simulations.

Two copies will be available in total.  One for attendees of the free FrameMaker(r) and RoboHelp (r) workshop on Sunday June 22nd, and the second is on offer at Adobe's Stand.  With only 15 seats in the workshop, attendees have excellent chances of winning!

Register today:

Adobe FrameMaker and RoboHelp in Technical Communication Suite

The workshop will explain and demonstrate the individual components of the Adobe Technical Communication Suite, which comprise Adobe Acrobat 3D version 8, Adobe Captivate 3, FrameMaker 8, and Adobe RoboHelp 7. It will then describe a number of different workflows that show how the various components can be combined, and how rich content can be shared between applications.

You will see how to:
» Single-source high-quality print-based content and online Help by publishing from FrameMaker through RoboHelp » Include multimedia demonstrations and tutorials within your online Help without leaving the RoboHelp interface


Offering four innovative applications in one complete package, Adobe Technical Communication Suite includes:

Adobe FrameMaker® 8 (Enhanced suite version) Author and publish technical documentation

Adobe RoboHelp® 7 (Enhanced suite version) Easily create professional help systems and knowledgebases

Adobe Captivate® 3
Rapidly create engaging learning experiences

Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended
Deliver the richest, most engaging PDF communications anytime, anywhere

Mark Southee, X-Pubs Conference Associate
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