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Linking to another chunked topic

Hey folks.

I have the following bit of structure:

Top Topic chunk=to-content

--Subtopic A

--Subtopic B 

--Subtopic C

Subtopics B and C are reference topics, and I want to link to them from the relevant point in Subtopic A. 

I think that I can link <xref href="#top-topic-id/subtopic-B-id>, because at publishing the page id will be the top topic id? 

Links Broken

Why are all the links broken?....

I was trying to read some case studies about DITA but none of the links are working.

XMetaL check in vs case

I have an <xref> element whose href attribute is automatically turned to ALL CAPITALS when it's checked in.

How do I stop this happening? I need to preserve the case I entered or links don't work.


How do I add a summary or title attribute for simpletable or choicetable elements?

Our documentation requires HTML table tags to include summaries or title attributes for accessibility requirements, but I haven't been able to find an existing attribute that I use for this purpose. We are only using simpletable and choicetable. How have you addressed accessibility needs for tables in your documentation?

Sample DITA end-user documentation?


I am a student in the Technical Communication program at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As part of my graduation project,

I am exploring the prospect of using DITA to design an end-user guide to develop a web application for a cancer treatment centre in the province. Does anyone have a link to any substantial documentation samples that were designed using the DITA architecture? I was hoping to find.pdfs or Windows Help Files. 

Must appreciated.
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