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UCSC DITA XML Intro course - assignment 2 - results with comments

Assignment 2: DITA authoring


  • Review the presentation at
  • Read section 3.1 of the DITA 1.1 architectural specification:
  • Read the description of <shortdesc> in the DITA 1.1 language specification:


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Using DITA as backend for web-based KB (knowledge base)

I would like to find a DITA-enabled knowledge base that has features like:

  • Allows users to create content using forms
  • Supports workflow and role-based data entitlement
  • Supports taxonomy definition (categories for navigating)
  • Supports user tagging of content
  • Search (created and attached content, like files associated with content)
  • User rating of content

In short, I'd like a Web 2.0 knowledge base that uses DITA as the backend. I'd like to leverage the reuse of DITA and be able to easily deliver it to multiple destinations with less effort.

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Conference X-Pubs 2007

Europe's largest XML Conference X-Pubs ( is back a look. Covers XML /DITA / CMS. 2006 was brilliant.

End-users from Bombardier, Schlumberger, BMJ, and the Irish Governement are presenting their stories, AND Michael Priesly (IBM), Steve Manning (Rockley Group), and other experts from IBM, Adobe, PTC Arbortest, XyEntreprise, Mekon, ect.

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Running DITA concurrently with a document metadata system

I'm looking at how we develop DITA to handle the content of our research reports, which will need some topic specializations, so it's not a rush job.  In the meantime my colleague, our knowledge manager, is developing a document metadata architecture that will make our legacy documents searchable.

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Contextual web help module


For my web application i am looking for Html Help module and DITA is one of the promising option that i am looking forward.

I want to generate the inter linked HTML pages for my application with parent topic link, related link etc.

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