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Does DITA work well for technical support documents?

Hello group, forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong location. Not sure where this would belong.

I am a student enrolled in the Technical and Professional Writing program at San Francisco State and am writing a white paper about DITA.

The goal of my paper is to determine whether using DITA to create technical support documents is a successful solution and to what degree (i.e. some content works better than other content, pros vs. cons, etc.).

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Problems finding the right architecture

hi there,

i'm trying to convince our developers and intermediate management to focus on DITA in our next software generation, a web-based application for government administration. the difficulty is: i'm left alone on that task and have no help whatsoever since documentation is seen as very unimportant (but everybody will be complaining in the end when there's no documentation).

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Adobe Job Opportunity

 Please email resume to


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Free Copies of Adobe(r) Technical Communication Suite(r) at X-Pubs 2008


Adobe(r) Systems have announced that they will be giving away full copies of Adobe Technical Communication Suite (worth £1320 each) at X-Pubs 2008!  Chances to win one of them are 1 in 15.

TCS features the full DITA application for FrameMaker, allowing you to create and publish DITA documents to multiple formats, as well as pass them on to Adobe Acrobat(r) to enrich your PDFs with 3D and rich media like Adobe Captivate(r) simulations.

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Short Descriptions for Tasks

What is a good short description for a task?

Some of the short descriptions indicated as "good" in the class assignments simply restated information that was in the short description of the related concept. The task's short description may have been written differently and in the imperative, but it was redundant information.

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