Does DITA work well for technical support documents?

Hello group, forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong location. Not sure where this would belong.

I am a student enrolled in the Technical and Professional Writing program at San Francisco State and am writing a white paper about DITA.

The goal of my paper is to determine whether using DITA to create technical support documents is a successful solution and to what degree (i.e. some content works better than other content, pros vs. cons, etc.).

I have done research about how DITA works and I understand the concepts behind it, but I have questions about how content gets reviewed, how frequently does it need to be reviewed/updated, and how feasible/quickly can content be updated.

I would like to know how a DITA environment works for documents that require frequent updates (weekly vs. daily vs. upon request). So, for example, does DITA work well for technical support or other types of frequently-updated documents? Or is a wiki a better solution?

Part of my assignment requires I obtain an in-person interview with a "professional" technical writer who can provide insight and answer questions I have for my paper.

I live in San Francisco, and have somewhat limited transportation. I can bicycle or travel to locations that are near bus or BART stations, but may be able to drive to a location if  necessary.

If you feel you are what I'm looking for and can provide an in-person interview for me, please reply to my post or email me at mark.rozzano at yahoo dot com and we can determine a place/time to meet.

Or, if anyone in this group can make recommendations about research or provide additional feedback, I would greatly appreciate it, too :o)

Thanks for your time!

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