What is the most commonly used DITA editor?

Anything else you can tell me about peoples favorite DITA editing tool would be appreciated, like how many organisations use it.

Thanks in anticipation. 

Hi Derek,

Popularity may not be the best reason to choose a DITA editor.

Most tools offer a trial period. You should get the trial versions and see which one fits your own working style.

For example, Adobe FrameMaker has a huge installed base and is now a first-class DITA editor. But most Frame users are still doing unstructured content and do not do DITA yet.

PTC Arbortext has been doing DITA longer than the other editors (because they have been doing SGML for almost 20 years), but they have their own (powerful) way of doing it.

JustSystems XMetaL jumped on the standard and especially the DITA Open Toolkit a few years ago and their presence in the DITA space rivals Adobe and PTC.

Finally, oXygen, Syntext Serna, and XML Mind are all excellent DITA editors at less than half the price of the top three I mention.

And there are Word-to-DITA editors and Web-based editors, like Inmedius DITA Storm, which you can try for free by joining DITA Users. http://www.ditausers.org/membership/why_join/

If you are an STC member, the April issue of STC Intercom has a roundup of all DITA authoring tools now available.

See http://www.ditanews.com/tools/STC_Intercom.pdf.

See also http://www.ditanews.com/tools

We are planning to do a survey of tools use for DITA News.


Bob Doyle

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