Going there, getting the t-shirt (STC, X-Pubs, Cafe Press)

Just an update on my activities:

  • Presenting at the STC conference May 7th-10th, giving an intro to DITA presentation, co-presenting on task-oriented information architecture with DITA, and also participating in the standards forum to represent DITA and OASIS. For more info: http://stc.org/53rdConf/
  • Presenting at X-Pubs in England June 20th-21st, giving an intro to DITA presentation, specialization demo, and DITA integration presentation. For more info: http://www.x-pubs.com/
  • Ordered some DITA OASIS gear at http://www.cafepress.com/oasis_open, hoping to show it off at the aforementioned events.

On the DITA TC front, working hard on the conditional processing feature right now, trying to get to a design we can all agree on for managing the creation of new conditional processing attributes via specialization.

Michael's back at X-Pubs (http://www.x-pubs.com) 2007 (June 4-5).  This time he's a keynote. 

X-Pubs is a brilliant XML Content Management and XML Publishing conference.
The 2007 Conference in June will have lots of users presenting their own XML, DITA, CMS stories from organisations like Schlumberger, British Medical Journal and the Irish Government.

Michael Priestly the IBM DITA lead, Scott Abel, the Rockley Group who will be presenting a DITA-based case study,  and Svante Ericcson from the S1000D committee will all be presenting.

Check it out.

Elodie E

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