DITA User Clinic at UCSC - enroll before Jan 26

I'll be running a user clinic at UCSC with Elizabeth Wilde, from Feb 9th to March 15th. The basic idea of the clinic is to let existing DITA users share the details of their DITA deployment with other users, and get feedback both from each other and from the instructors, myself and Elizabeth Wilde.

Because of the nature of the course, in which each participant takes a turn at presenting their project, enrollment is very limited, although I think there are still some spots open. You can get more details here:


One of the things I found when I taught the DITA intro course last year was that a) we were getting a lot of existing users, who didn't really fit the purpose of the course but who were looking for feedback on their usage; and b) I wasn't actually the best person to be teaching an intro course, as someone immersed in DITA on a technical basis. I'm hoping that this new course will be what experienced DITA users are looking for, as a way to build on their knowledge from the DITA intro course or validate their existing DITA practice.



Belatedly realized I'd failed to properly introduce my co-instructor. She's a senior technical editor at IBM, with oodles of experience guiding projects through successful DITA implementations with an eye towards improving quality and organization of content. I'm figuring between the two of us - her for content quality and best practices, myself for technical details and implementation options - we should be able to provide a good set of feedback on both new and established DITA implementations, with a starting case study from one of the successful DITA projects at IBM.

Hope to see you there, 

Michael Priestley

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