DITA Eclipse tool

If you use the Eclipse framework when working with your DITA files you might want to take a look at the set of functions in this new tool, 

Simple download the latest jar file and drop it in your "dropins" folder. After restarting Eclipse, the tool will be enabled. 

There is integrated help : Help->Help Contents->DITA Tools Documentation 

If you find any problems with it, or have ideas for improvements, feel free to raise an issue.

Hi all,

In case you are looking for Enterprise-level DITA support in Eclipse as well as Eclipse-based CCMS in cloud, please check DITAworks DITA CCMS product family

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I'll be working on generalising the code so most of the same functionality can be accessed from the command line - i'd be interested to know if there is any interest in provision of an Ant Task too.

IMHO anything that facilitates the integration with other tools/processes is apreciated, so an Ant task would be cool.


Thanks Frank - i've created a few GitHub issues to capture requirements 

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