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Resources provides a directory of educational materials and community-support tools for DITA.

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DITA 1.2 Feature Article: Status Update

White paper from the OASIS DITA Adoption Committee. Authored by JoAnn Hackos, Comtech Services. Published 19 July 2010.

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DITA 1.2 panel at DITA Europe, 2009

Presentations given at the DITA Europe conference, November 2009, in Munich Germany.

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DITA 1.2: Understanding the upcoming release

Presentation at the 27 August meeting of the Central Texas DITA User Group and the RTP DITA Users' Group by Robert Anderson, IBM, Chief Architect of the DITA Open Toolkit.

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DITA 1.3 Key Scopes

Presentation given at CMS/DITA North America by Christopher Nitchie.

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DITA and Eclipse: A Powerful Combination

DITA and Eclipse: A Powerful Combination. Presented at the DITA 2007 conference by Guanjun Cai, Carolyn Henry, and Jennifer Fell of IBM.

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DITA for Training Materials

Presentation by Peter Li at XPubs 2008.

reating training materials and classes is always a difficult task for any company.  PTC is no exception.  We needed a way to streamline our development and delivery model to ensure that as many people as possible were getting the training they needed in the format that worked best for their learning style.

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DITA Help Discussion and Demo: Central Texas DUG (May 26, 2010)

In this presentattion and demo, Stan Doherty of the OASIS DITA TC Help Subcommittee updated the Boston, Raleigh, and Central Texas DUGs about current R&D in the area of DITA-based Help authoring and deployment.

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DITA Introduction, Authoring, and Information Architecture Workshop - Full Day

Michael Priestley, one of IBM's DITA Architects, provides an introduction to DITA, followed by an introduction to some authoring best practices with DITA, and finishing with an end-to-end example of task-based information architecture using DITA maps.

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DITA Open Toolkit Debugging and Reporting Tools

DITA Open Toolkit Debugging and Reporting Tools. Presented at the DITA 2007 conference by Dick Johnson of VR Communications, Inc.

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DITA Quick Start Webinar Series: Migrating to DITA: Building a Project Plan

Presenters: Joe Gelb, President, Suite Solutions and Yehudit Lindblom, Project Manager, Suite Solutions 

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