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Resources provides a directory of educational materials and community-support tools for DITA.

Tool-Landschaft für DITA

Vortrag von Prof. Sissi Closs und Markus Abt auf der tekom-Jahrestagung am 9. November 2005 in Wiesbaden.


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DITA links, info, event calendar, and (free) user group web hosting.

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DITA Open Toolkit - SourceForge

The DITA Open Toolkit, or dita-ot for short, is a set of Java-based, open source tools that provide a "reference implementation" for processing DITA maps and topical content.

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IBM developerWorks: DITA

IBM developed DITA to streamline their own document development and organization processes. This site provides information on numerous topics an insight that may help with your adoption of the DITA standard.

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DITA OASIS Standard Gear

This site lets DITA enthusiasts show their support by ordering t-shirts, mugs, teddy bears, aprons, tote bags, and other items displaying the DITA OASIS Standard logo. Items are sold at cost; OASIS does not derive revenue from any purchases made.

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